23 Best Oral Sex Tips & Tricks

23 Best Oral Sex Tips & Tricks

Oral sex is all about giving and receiving and if you want to make sure your technique is the best it can be then here are our Top 23 Oral Sex Tips & Tricks.

As we bring our month long Oral Sex series to an end, you might just find something you haven’t yet tried that can make it more fun for all parties involved.

  1. Start with some show & tell

    Let’s be honest, you can only give or receive great oral sex if you and your partner know exactly what you like. There’s no better way to teach them that, than with some show and tell action. Masturbating for your partner is not only extremely horny but it lets them see what you do and how you do it. How much pressure you like, fast or slow, different movements.

  2. Touch their whole body with your hands and tongue

    Most people tend to focus solely on their partners genitals during oral sex. While it seems perfectly logical to use your hands there, it can also be really pleasurable to use your hands elsewhere too. Touching the inner thighs, hips, nipples or even holding their hands can leave you both gasping or more.
    Use your tongue to tickle their collar bone, behind their ears or anywhere else they like to be kissed and make them shake with desire.

  3. Make some noise

    Some people find sexy talk a real turn-on but not everyone is comfortable with that.  Instead, think of those “Mmmm” and “aaaah” sounds. The vibrations from these hums and noises can add a lot of extra feeling.

  4. Use a massage wand ON ALL PARTNERS, men included

    Any vibrator is great to bring new sensations to oral sex, especially on men. We particularly recommend a massage wand like the Bodywand Luxe 2 which has a curved handle making it easier to manoeuvre.  You can use it on any part of the body for extra stimulation.

  5. Experiment with different sex toys

    For the ladies out there, there are typically two kinds of toys that mimic oral sex: suction vibrators (that feel like suction and use waves and vibration for ultra-intense oral feeling) and fake-tongue-like toys (that have rubber or silicone nubbins that mimic the more superficial feeling of a literal tongue on your vulva).
    When it comes to suction vibrators, a Womanizer or Satisfyer toy, both market leaders and regularly featured in our Staff Bedroom Favourites.
    If you don’t have a partner to indulge in some oral pleasure with or if you’re a beginner and not 100% comfortable getting oral yet, these kinds of toys can open up a whole new world of pleasure. You can even use these toys with a partner the next time your tongue gets tired.

  6. Try a Blowjob Sleeve

    For those with male partners, a blowjob sleeve or blowjob helper can be a great way to give that deep throat feel or add extra stimulation.

  7. Use a blindfold

    This was one our Top 8 sex toys to use during oral sex and for good reason.  Using a blindfold heightens all the other senses and makes erogenous zones even more sensitive. Take the opportunity to tease any part of the body with the massage wand or vibrator while blindfolded and the sensation gets even more intense.

  8. Compliment their body – especially their genitals

    Compliments make you feel sexy and empowered and there’s nothing more amazing than hearing what your partner likes about your private parts. Compliments will help to boost your and their confidence and get those engines revving.

  9. Lube it up

    Yes it’s natural and free but saliva is not always as reliable as you’d think. Imagine getting down and suddenly having a dry mouth, not pleasurable for either party.
    Whether you’re giving or getting oral, having some on hand is going to make everything a little easier

  10. Gently suck on the clitoris

    Giving oral sex to a female, known as Cunnilingus, is most often associated with licking. While this is great, suction on the clitoris can also feel pretty amazing.
    Think of the clit as a teeny-tiny penis, and the objective is to give it the world’s gentlest blowjob.  You’ll thank me afterwards.

  11. Keep your undies on during oral

    If you’re using oral sex as foreplay then try keeping your undies on a little longer.  Exhale your warm breath over the fabric of their panties, and tease by lightly tugging on the material with your teeth, etc. When you are ready for physical contact, push the underwear to the side and unveil your target.  Keeping some clothes on somehow just makes everything hotter.

  12. Be spontaneous

    Whether you’re suddenly horny at the dinner table or bored watching the game why not take the opportunity for a thrilling oral quickie. It doesn’t have to be a prequel to a full on love-making session. Switch things up and keep the fire alive.

  13. Bring in some extra toys

    Whether your mouth and hands are tired or not, why not consider adding in some toys. Lots of people now shout about using butt plugs or anal beads during oral sex for extra excitement and stimulation.

  14. Play some oral sex porn in the background

    We know that not everyone enjoys porn but if it’s your thing or you want to learn something new then this is great tool.  While you’re watching the porn-stars get it on, why not become one yourself and practice those moves  at the same time.

  15. Light Prostate Play

    If your man isn’t up for internal prostate play, whether with fingers of toys, then you can try to stimulate his prostate externally.  Gently massage the perineum (located between his anus and balls) while going down on him and make him moan.

  16. Spread more than her legs

    The Labia are the folds of skin around the vaginal opening and its really important to spread these during cunnilingus. This gives you access to the clitoris from all angles and sides. This is also good to keep in mind if you’re receiving cunnilingus. Don’t be afraid to reach down and expose yourself to your partner.

  17. Switch things up at the beginning

    As most of us get close to orgasm, we typically just want to keep doing that one thing you’re doing without stopping till they get there, and that’s ok – we know what we like.  Keep things fun and interesting in the beginning instead. Alternate your tongue action, switch your positions or change your toys before the big finale.

  18. Don’t Gag

    If your partner is desperate for that deep-throat, full-penis sensation, that triggers your gag reflex every time then try this. Take what you are comfortable with into your mouth and then wrap your hand around the bottom of his shaft to give that full cover feel. Some people have suggested that you can try to place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth and let his member hit the underside of your tongue. Apparently this can help to prevent the embarrassing gag.

  19. He doesn’t need to ejaculate to enjoy it

    Don’t feel rejected if he doesn’t cum during a BJ. 54% of men (according to Cosmo) prefer oral action as foreplay. If you feel either of you are losing interest then stop and move on.  That’s the joy of sex, there is not set rules!

  20. Get into flavored Lubes

    We’ve already covered that lubes can add extra sensations for all parties involved so if you’re going to be down there, why not try some different flavors.  So many companies are making flavored formulas now, from mild and minty to candy and cocktails.  Many of these are sugar-free, organic or vegan so you can still protect your waistline and your values.

  21. Keep Cool

    When we are aroused our body temperature rises slightly, that’s why cooling lubricants are so arousing.  Actually, anything cooling will sizzle your senses.  Try positioning a fan towards you while he’s between your legs so you have his warm breath and cool breeze.  For more extreme cooling, introduce some ice cubes. Pop them in your mouth before or during oral sex, or use them as stimulation on other parts of your body while you’re getting down.

  22. Finger that frenulum

    The frenulum is that little bump on the underside of the penis where the shaft meets the tip, and this deserves some special attention.  Place the tip of your finger on it, then take his shaft (along with your finger) into your mouth. As you move your mouth up and down, rub your finger gently over the F-spot and listen to him moan.

  23. Talk! … and then Talk some more!

    We can’t say this often enough but communication is key in all things sexual.  No-one can really read minds.  If there’s something you want or something you are not enjoying then you need to speak up.  It doesn’t have to be a round table discussion, simple comments like “It’s so hot when you…” or “I’d love it if you’d try….” etc can all make a difference.


We really hope you’ve enjoyed our Oral Sex series and gained some valuable information.  Do leave us a comment below on what you thought were the best bits or what you’d like us to focus on for our next series.




  1. Antonio on March 25, 2021 at 11:47 pm

    few extra tips for keeping cool, my SO and I love to cool things down a bit more, i sometimes put a few icecubes inside her, and that moment when i slip my dick in her, wow!! Also tried a cold vegetable from the refrigerator, cucumber or small zucchini works best, play around for a while, then insert dick… feels so good

    • Off To The Bedroom on March 26, 2021 at 12:56 am

      Hey Antonio, thanks for the comment. Please do bear in mind that inserting ice cubes into the vagina can cause ice burns so be careful. We also really don’t recommend that you use vegetables either. As good as it feels to have something cold in there, fruits and vegetables can introduce all kinds of bacteria to the vagina and spark infections.
      If you are really looking for that cold feel then we why not try a glass sex toy? They can be chilled in the refrigerator or heated in warm water and feel absolutely amazing! You can read our Ultimate Guide to Glass Sex Toys or visit our category page for more information.
      Drop me an email if there’s something you’re interested in 😉

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