8 Top Tips on How To Choose the Perfect Wand For You

8 Top Tips on How To Choose the Perfect Wand For You

So, you want to experience the explosive orgasms and intense vibrations that everyone is talking about but how do you choose the perfect wand for you? With all the choices available these days it can be overwhelming when you try to choose your first wand massager.

To help you choose your perfect wand, we’ve put together a few tips.  Our tips have been gathered from feedback from women (and men) who embarked on the journey to find the perfect massager too!

1. Vibration Power

One of the best things about wand vibrators is that they are renowned for having the strongest vibrations possible.  This does come at the expense of being larger and a bit more difficult to manage than traditional vibrators.

While it’s hard to to tell a vibrators strength when you buy online, you should definitely search and read reviews before you choose.

2. Choosing your Power Source

Once you’ve decided on the strength of your vibrations, you will need to consider how you are going to power them.

Batteries are an easy option and can go anywhere or be purchased anywhere.  You need to keep in mind however, that these toys will sometimes require C or D size batteries for their power.

A rechargeable option will make your vibrator hands-free. The downside is that you need to charge your toy ahead of time and it may not be quite as strong as if it was mains powered.

Mains powered (or outlet powered) are usually the strongest choice. The cord does mean you are connected to the wall so this will dictate where and how you move.  If you choose a corded option, make sure you check the specifications for cord length as some of them are a little on the short side.

3. Wand Design

Although wand massagers all have a specific function, the overall design can very greatly.  Do you have a favourite color? Small hands? Do you want to have the option of being insertable?

If this is something you will use regularly (and it definitely should be!) then you need to consider these questions.  You should enjoy how it looks and feels.

4. Perfect Controls

Not all wands are controlled in the same way so it’s important you know what you are getting.

Some massagers have a scroll dial which gradually intensifies or decreases the vibration level.  Others have a simple flip switch and some include buttons to control the functions.

5. Discretion

Some wand massagers are designed to look just like your average back massager, others may be a little harder to pass off though.  If you are concerned about other people seeing your wand then do take this into consideration when purchasing.

6. Portability

Something people often overlook when choosing a wand is how portable it might be.  If travelling is something you do regularly think about how you’ll stop the toy from “going off” mid-flight.

Not just travel, but consider where and when you might want to use your massager. Do you like to change positions, move from room to room etc?

7. Accessories

Unlike most traditional vibrators, wand massagers can have an array of accessories to attach to them.

These accessories are usually covers which fit over the top of the massager head.  They can offer different textures or even insertable dildo options. These are amazing for experimenting with different sensations and getting more out of your wand.

8. Change up the Sensation

If you find that the vibrations are too intense (yes, it’s possible), consider wearing an item of clothing and using your wand through that.  This can actually be a fun way of changing things up sometimes, even if you love the vibrations.

If you feel your wand is a little clunky or difficult to handle try laying the toy down and using it to grind against instead.

Consider an extension cord, if your toy allows it, to lengthen a short cord and give you more room to manoeuvre.


Now you have your perfect wand all that’s left to do is enjoy all of the intensely pleasurable orgasms it will provide.



  1. Colin on April 25, 2021 at 9:05 pm

    our kid found ours in the bedside drawer, manged to convince him it was a microphone and mum and dad had been doing karaoke in the bedroom, thank god we decided on the wand and not a realistic dong….

    • Off To The Bedroom on April 26, 2021 at 11:51 pm

      that’s funny, but what a great quick response!

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