Beginners Guide to Anal Sex

Beginners Guide to Anal Sex

As a beginner, anal sex can be quite scary. This Beginners Guide to Anal Sex will leave you feeling relaxed and prepared and ready for fun.

The anus has many nerve endings and muscles and their stimulation can be pleasurable for both men & women but there are a few simple things to consider when starting out.

  1. Talk about it

    Talking about anal sex is one of the most important steps.  This is your body and you need to be completely comfortable before proceeding.
    As a beginner you need to set down some rules beforehand.  Make it clear what is allowed and what is not, and have a safe word to immediately stop if anything is not going as you hoped.

  2. Clean the Area and Prepare

    Anal Sex can be messy and if you are worried about it (and most people are!), then be sure empty your bowels before you start. Some people use enema or douching techniques but these should be done carefully and definitely not on a regular basis.
    The anus will naturally try to empty itself during stimulation so consider putting down towels to protect your bedsheets and keep wet wipes nearby.
    Both parties should shower or wash throughly before you begin and make sure that any toys are also clean and in good condition.

  3. Lubrication

    The anus, unlike other body parts, does not naturally lubricate and if you try to insert anything when it’s dry it’s going to hurt or even cause damage.
    Be sure to use lots of lube, at the beginning and regularly throughout your anal play.  Try to use natural ingredients where possible to avoid irritation, and a non-sticky, long lasting, water or silicone based lubricant, specially formulated for anal play is highly recommended.  These tend to be a little thicker and don’t dry out so quickly.

  4. Start Slow

    Whether you are starting out alone or with a partner always start small.  A finger or something of similar size is the perfect play to start.  Start slowly to warm up the muscles.
    You could consider a good anal training kit with various sizes but always start with the smallest and gradually work up to the size you want to take, remembering to apply more lube in between.
    NEVER switch between anal and vaginal with a toy or penis – this can cause the transfer of bacteria and result in nasty infections that no-one wants.
    When purchasing any sex toy always make sure the material is body safe and good quality and for Anal Sex Toys check that they have a tapered tip for gentle insertion and wide flared base for safety.

  5. Aftercare

    Aftercare is just as important as the preparation and participation.
    First make sure you thoroughly clean the area and all toys and body parts used.  Especially important if you intend to continue with vaginal penetration.
    You should also talk about the experience with your partner.  Discuss what you both enjoyed, what you’d like to do next time etc. Communication is key in any relationship.

In summary – talk, prepare, relax and enjoy!

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