Beginners Guide to Prostate Massage

Beginners Guide to Prostate Massage

So, you’ve read or heard about the magical, explosive orgasms that come from prostate massage, and you want to try it out. The problem is where do you start?  Our beginners guide to prostate massage will help you explore in the most orgasmic way possible.

The Prostate

Before we even get started on the road to orgasm, let’s first talk about the prostate itself.  The prostate is located between your bladder and the root of your penis. It is around the size of a walnut in younger men and plum-sized in older men. The prostate’s primary function is as a gland which produces fluid for semen.


The most important thing when it comes to anal play and prostate massage is to relax.  Set the mood with music or a hot bath, whatever makes you feel at ease.  Give yourself a good clean, especially around the anus. If you feel you need to you can use a douche.  Note: if you have haemorrhoids or anal tears then you should probably considering delaying your introduction to internal prostate massage.

Arousal is next, if you are not already as hell.  You want to be prepared for masturbation and anal play and arousal will help you to locate your prostate easier.  Find a towel to lie on, get your favourite porn on standby, some good quality anal lube and a toy if you’re using one.  Remember to use water-based lubricant if you’ll be using a silicone toy!

Our favourite beginner prostate massagers are the We-Vibe Vector, Aneros products, Zero Tolerance Intro kit, and the Anal Fantasy P-Spot Milker.

Massaging your Prostate

Once you are suitably relaxed and prepared, it’s time to take yourself to a pleasure point just past halfway to orgasm.  Using your lube and a finger, start to gently circle your anus, insert your finger slowly and begin masturbating again. Remove your finger, apply more lube and gently put the finger back in again while you continue to masturbate.  Inserting your finger a little deeper each time, you should eventually feel a small rough lump around 3″ deep inside.  If you don’t find it first time don’t panic. Relax and repeat these steps and you’re on your way.

Massaging the prostate can be very pleasurable for many people and prostate stimulation can happen in two places – internally and externally.

If you are very new to anal play or just not ready to jump into it then you can start with external stimulation.  Externally, you can provide stimulation through the perineum with your fingers or a high intensity vibrator, pressing firmly towards the anus and root of the penis.  You should feel pleasant pressure as you press towards the anus without going in.  Rub this area in firm circles as you masturbate. You will feel an intense pressure building as your orgasm grows.  When you are almost ready to orgasm, increase the pressure more until you climax.  This type of orgasm feels great, but imagine how amazing it would feel from the inside.

When you are ready for internal prostate play, you need to be fully aroused.  Start as we outlined above, lubing up your fingers or a slim toy until you reach that magic spot and locate your prostate. When you can identify it with your finger you will know exactly where you feel the pressure, this way you can find again with a toy.

Using a Prostate Massager

Now that you know where your prostate is and what it feels like, it’s time to introduce a toy.  By now you should be relaxed, aroused and lubed up, so it’s time to go again.

Start masturbating again while using your toy to apply pressure externally to your prostate.  When you are fully erect and aroused, lube up some more and slowly insert the toy towards to your prostate.  As long as you are aroused, the prostate will be engorged.  Move the toy until you feel the pressure and then rest the toy there or turn on the vibrations if you are ready.  Start masturbating again, slowly, taking your time.  Use the toy to explore different vibrations, positions or pressure until you are ready to climax.  When you reach that point of no return you should increase the pressure on your prostate, using small cicrcular movements until you orgasm.  If you have found the right spot then you should have a mind-blowing orgasm and an increased amount of ejaculate.

There are many ways to stimulate the prostate and toys give a huge variety with their differing shapes, sizes and functions.  Prostate massage is a totally new sensation that can give you one of the best orgasms ever so what are you waiting for?


And, NO, it doesn’t make you gay!



  1. Ed on April 26, 2021 at 10:34 pm

    sounds great, some really cool advice, can’t wait to give it a try. Thanks for answering my questions

    • Off To The Bedroom on April 26, 2021 at 11:52 pm

      Thanks Ed, I hope you find it helpful! Please check your emails for a discount off your first order!

  2. Paul L. on April 30, 2021 at 10:20 pm

    This is a very helpful article, and I am looking forward to having a look round to the rest of the site. The YouTube video about how to find the prostate is great.

    • Off To The Bedroom on April 30, 2021 at 11:08 pm

      Thanks for the feedback Paul, glad you found it helpful. Please check your email for a thank you discount against your first order! Happy shopping 🙂

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