Beginners Guide to Spanking

Beginners Guide to Spanking

Are you new to Spanking? Trying something new can feel thrilling and terrifying at the same time.  If you don’t know where to begin, our Beginners Guide to Spanking will fill you with safe and sexy spanking tips.

Spanking can be extremely pleasurable for both parties involved.  When it is consensual and sensual it can enhance a whole catalog of positive emotions and sensations. And let’s not forget the physical stimulation too.

What is Spanking?

The dictionary definition of spanking is:

noun; an act of hitting someone with the hand, usually several times on the buttocks as a punishment or for sexual pleasure.

You read that right – even the dictionary describes it as sexual pleasure!

Spanking, as an act of sexual pleasure, places the emphasis on exchange of control.  It should be adventurous and fun but sometimes the level of vulnerability and exchange of power in any BDSM activity can be pretty intense.  As always, consent and safety are key.

“Handy” tips to get you started

  1. Talk, talk and then talk some more …

    I know I write this in almost every post but I can’t stress it enough – communication is everything.
    Do you want to be the spanker or spankee?  Before you begin, you will need to discuss with your partner why you want to do it and what your expectations are.

  2. What do you use for spanking?

    There are many, many options available for spanking, the most obvious being your hand.  Different spanking implements can provide different sensations so as you grow more comfortable you can introduce new items to keep things exciting.

  3. Best Spanking Position

    You must think about the position of the person being spanked before and during the session.  Will they be comfortable? Can they breathe easily at all times?  Will you both feel safe?
    The easiest position to start is to have the spanker sitting on the end of a bed and the recipient positioned face down across their knees, with the bed for support.  Of course, this isn’t the only way and you should experiment until you both feel good about it.
    Over the knee spanking position

  4. What to wear during spanking?

    You would think that this would be a time when you really don’t need to consider your outfit choice and the truth is you don’t. However, there are still a couple of things to consider.
    – Make sure that the target of your spanking doesn’t have anything around their neck – scarves, rope or tight clothing can easily feel suffocating in unfamiliar circumstances.
    – Although a naked bottom is usually most desirable, if your partner wants to wear some clothing then alway check that there are no buckles, buttons or clips that could cause injury.

  5. Safeword

    Having a safeword in any BDSM or controlling activity, protects both the dominant and submissive parties.  When deciding your safeword make sure it is something that cannot be misinterpreted. Choosing “stop” is not a great option as this type of word can also used to enhance certain role-play and dominating activities.  Agree a safe-word that would never be used in normal sexual circumstance eg. yellow or beaches etc, so both parties know that the activity must be stopped immediately!

  6. Should you use accessories?

    Accessories like mouth gags or masks and hoods can add a further level of excitement with sensory deprivation.  IMPORTANT: if you are using accessories then you will need to choose a non-vocal form of your safeword!

Remember, there are many reasons why people embark on spanking activities but it’s important that if you are the person doing the spanking, you are aware of your partner’s enjoyment and physical and emotional comfort at all times.

Always make sure that any activities are safe, sane and consensual!


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