Does Good Sex Mean A Good Relationship?

Does Good Sex Mean A Good Relationship?

Is being happy in the bedroom key to having happy relationship?  Ask most relationship “experts” and they’ll say yes! Read on to find out how good sex can mean a good relationship.

Sex is an expression of intimacy between a couple – you can’t physically get any closer! This intimacy can build trust and emotional connection meaning you’ll generally feel good about your relationship.

But how many times should you have sex in a month? What if you are having more sex than your friends – does that make you happier? And, what if the sex isn’t good ….?

Is there a magic number?

We’re constantly led to believe that the more sex the better but that’s simply not true – quality over quantity is just as important.  Only you and your partner can decide how often is enough to satisfy you both and this can vary throughout your relationship depending on age, lifestyle, health, children and a million other reasons.  You might start off with sex three or four times a week (or more) then settle into once or twice a week when comfort kicks in.

What is Good Sex

Determining ‘good’ sex is very difficult as everyone is different and we all experience satisfaction is different ways.  Good sex however, will generally reflect a good connection, affection and respect.  If you and your partner don’t both feel good about the interaction then you can probably say it was poor quality and this needs to be addressed.

Want more? Ask for it …

You must be able to talk about your wants and desires and emotions.  If you’re feeling unhappy with your sex life then talk to your partner.  Approach it gently so you’re not seen as attacking or blaming.  Your partner may be stressed or upset or feel the same way. They may want to try something different – but if you don’t ask you’ll never know.


Dangers of a sexless relationship

A lack of sex doesn’t always mean a relationship is doomed.  So long as both parties are satisfied with the frequency and quality then that’s fine.  A sudden decline in your sex life can lead to feelings of anger or emotional detachment if there is no obvious reason or the matter is not discussed.  And never compare yourself to friends, this can just cause anxiety or resentment and put unnecessary strain on your relationship.

Communication is vital … if you feel good about your sex life, then you’ll feel good about your relationship!


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