Everything You Need to Know About Kissing

Everything You Need to Know About Kissing

Kissing is an artform, but like art it’s very personal.  Let’s be honest – we all kiss, and prefer to be kissed, in different ways,  There are people who use a lot of tongue, there are people who prefer lip teasing, and there are people who seek admiration through a peck. Some people are very experienced kissers and others are searching for kissing tips before making a move.

How much do really know about kissing, why is it so important and should you really kiss once a day like it’s the first time you’ve been kissed?

Different Types of Kisses

Let’s first explore different kissing styles and when they might be appropriate.

The Peck on the Lips

Even though this is most likely what our first kisses resembled, the peck is still considered an admirational kiss that reminds your partner that it doesn’t always have to be sexual. A gentle peck can mean so many things: thank you, I love you, I’m sorry I stole your last bite of pizza, etc.

The French Kiss

It is widely recognised that the French are full of passion, and that applies to their kissing style for sure.  For those who don’t know, the French Kiss is considered a deep kiss where your tongues extend to touch each others tongues or lips.  This kiss is all about the rhythmic dancing of the tongue and can be slow and passionate.

The Kiss on the Hand

The kiss on the hand is a very chivalrous and gentleman-y act. It’s polite, sweet and innocent, (and totally makes me want to rip someone’s clothes off!).

The Kiss Somewhere Else

I’m not sure about this one but some consider it to be a “smooth move”.  The “kiss somewhere else” is a kiss in an unusual area, usually for the purpose of kissing someone where no one else has. Smooth or creepy? I’ll let you decide.

The Three-way Kiss

This one’s reserved for those who are looking to have some extra fun. Maybe even try a kissing game like spin the bottle or truth or dare. You know what they say, two’s a party and three’s an even bigger party…

Kissing Tips

Kissing is a very intimate act, regardless of the style involved.  Whether you are planning your first kiss or a celebration with a long-term partner there are definitely some things to consider.

Consider breath/odour

As kissing is such an intimate act, you should take care of your oral hygiene beforehand.  If you’ve eaten something pungent then you might want to keep some breath mints handy.


Not a huge priority but you should give some consideration to location if your partner feels shy or if you are in area where kissing in public may be frowned upon.

Seize the moment

Sometimes the best kisses are not planned but seized in a moment of romance.

Show confidence

Whether you are kissing for the first time or the thousandth time, always be confident. Start slowly and let the passion build.

Don’t overdo it 

Take it easy, it’s not a race.  Don’t go tongue jamming or slobbering.

Savour the moment

Imagine your are sampling a fine wine or international delicacy. Savour each moment, let the sensations and tastes and intimate moments explode inside you.

The Most Notorious Kisses in History

Kissing holds quite an important place in history, with some iconic kisses being noted, replicated and admired across the globe.

V-J Day Times Square (1945)

Although controversial, this WWII kiss between a sailor and a nurse is one of the most notable kisses in history, having even been turned into a statue. The couple remained a mystery for years before facial recognition and forensic analysis gave further insight.

Titanic (1997)

I’m pretty sure the steamy kiss between Jack and Rose was my first ever fantasy. Let’s not forget about the hand streaking down the car window though. So hot, literally.

Upside-down Spider-Man Kiss (2002)

The upside-down kiss is probably the most notable kisses in film history between Mary Jane Watson and Spider-Man. It’s pouring rain, he’s in his Spidey-suit, and she’s in a pink tank top… does it get more romantic than kissing in the rain?

Britney Spears, Madonna & Christina Aguilera (2003)

If you haven’t seen the epic stage kiss between these hot celebrities at the 2003 MTV VMAs, you’re missing out. It was an incredible power move that had girls and guys everywhere jumping from their couches.


Kissing plays an important role in social bonding, and mixing it up with your partner is a fun refresher in keeping things exciting.  What are you waiting for, grab the Chap Stick and get those lips smacking!

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