How To Give Him Great Oral Sex

How To Give Him Great Oral Sex

Great oral sex for him has a lot of similarities to great oral sex for her.

You know the saying “Don’t talk with your mouth full!” Well, there’s good reason for that.  Clear communication is key in all sexual activity so talk first before you head south.

Don’t talk with your mouth full!

Oral sex is one of the most intimate things you can do with your partner and whether you are giving or receiving, it should feel pretty amazing.

Learn by Listening

Whether you are a complete beginner, stuck in a rut or looking to improve your technique then we have some tips for you and as always, it starts with listening and learning.

The art of giving great oral sex cannot solely be learned from a book.  Everyone is a little different and the only way you’ll learn what he really likes is to talk, practice, talk, practice and repeat ….

  • If this is your first time together talk about previous experiences. What did he like or dislike?
  • If you’ve been together for some time, try reminiscing about a previous session and what blew his mind or what he fantasises about.
  • Listen to and feel his reactions during oral sex and ask if it’s ok.  Maybe he likes it fast or slow. Perhaps he wants you to suck more than lick, or maybe he’s hanging out for you to grip his balls.  You’ll never know if you don’t ask.
  • Talk afterwards and be honest.

Compliment Him

The majority of people think that women suffer far more body insecurities than men.  As true as that may be, it doesn’t take away the fact that men do have their issues and these definitely shouldn’t be ignored

By far the largest male insecurity is penis size.  This is closely followed by staying power, hardness, taste and smell.

Even if your man hasn’t shared any of these thoughts with you, you should still be complimentary. Tell him how good he feels in your throat, how he tastes as you lick his pre-cum and follow this with eye-contact.  Oral sex should be enjoyable for both parties and seeing your partner in the throes of passion can be a huge ego booster too.

Where to Focus and What to Do

First thing to note is that a man’s penis doesn’t have to be erect for you to start and it is quite normal to incorporate oral sex as foreplay to get things heated up.

A man’s penis is actually highly sensitive so do be gentle to start with. As things progress you can try different movements or techniques or feel his response to see what is working well.

Top Tip – don’t use your teeth unless you are asked to!

Not all the focus needs to be on sucking dick either.  There are other areas that can be just as stimulating.

  • Frenulum – the frenulum is a highly erogenous elastic band of tissue under the penis glans and is thought to be the most sensitive area of the penis.  Some men like this to be stimulated gently with licking, blowing, kissing etc.  For others this may be too sensitive so do seek consent first!
  • Scrotum – the scrotum is the reproductive structure.  It is more commonly, (and anatomically incorrectly), referred to as the bollocks, balls, ballsack, testicles. Some men enjoy these being massaged and/or sucked as part of oral sex.
  • Perineum (or Taint) – the area in between the anus and scrotum.  In men this area is especially sensitive as behind it lies the prostate, or P-Spot.  Some men enjoy the sensation of pressure or massage against the perineum.

Do remember that every man is different. Some will like all of the above, some will like something completely different.

If you are really feeling lost you could ask him to show you how he pleases himself.  This will at least give you a starting point.

Use More Than Your Mouth

Other than your mouth, your hands are your best accessory during oral sex.  You can use them to grip the base of the penis to give you more control over how deep he can go or you can use them to stimulate and massage other areas while your mouth is busy.

Don’t limit it to your hands though, there are a plethora of sex toys that can be incorporated.

If you suffer from aching jaw or neck pain then a Blow Job helper or penis sleeve can be an excellent addition.  These are especially helpful in providing extra sensation for him if you can’t take him deep.

You could also consider some prostate massage or stimulation.  These can be external or internal, another reason to talk about it – we don’t want uninvited poking!

A bullet vibrator can help deliver immense perineum massage.

The possibilities really are endless and we haven’t even mentioned that huge variety of heating and cooling lubes available to mix things up.




  1. Kev. FL on March 12, 2021 at 2:43 am

    Great advice, for me I need to have hand assistance to get the tempo up, mouths are so soft and the sensation from mouth only is not enough to make me come.

    • Off To The Bedroom on March 22, 2021 at 9:34 pm

      Hi Kev, thanks for the comments. Have you tried a blowjob helper/sleeve? It brings an entirely new sensation!
      Check your email for a special offer 😉

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