Orion 2020 Sex Report

Orion 2020 Sex Report

Orion are a wholesale and retail sex toy company based in Flensburg, Germany and every year they publish a Sex Report.  Their 2020 Sex Report included an additional survey to find out how sex lives changed  during the Coronavirus crisis.  So, what did this new “sex under lockdown” survey tell us?

Overall Participation

Over 16,400 Germans participated in the 202o Sex Report and 75% of them declared themselves to be happy with their sex life.  Not a bad start for coping during a crisis!

Of those that weren’t happy, the main reason given (by 85% of men) was lack of sex, which is not at all surprising. This always features highly in sex surveys. Others missed variety or blamed stress and women actually gave more “personal” reasons.

Sex Toys

It was very pleasing to read that only 6% of the respondents had no experience with sex toys, and almost a quarter had tried at least one.  In fact, 63% declared they had used more than one toy, leading Orion to conclude that they probably owned several products.

Reasons for Sex

When it came to reasons for having sex, “I want to have some fun” was the most common answer.

A desire for intimacy came second for women, with an orgasm being the second most common answer for men.

Best Time for Sex

Unsurprisingly, weekends were the most popular time for sex, preferably in the evening. And the most common day to get it on? Well, Saturday of course, closely followed by Friday and Sunday.

Sex during lockdown

The 2020 Sex Report survey was carried out in spring which was just before the global pandemic started. So they decided to take to social media  to ask how sex lives, with or without partners, changed during the crisis and lockdowns.

2,000 participants were quick to join the conversation; 60% men, 39% women and 1% gender neutral/not stated.

What was most surprising in this survey was not that 2/3 of participants reported having the same amount of sex as before but rather the fact that 36% of women claimed to masturbate more often or a lot more often, while only 25% of men said the same.  Yay for the masturbating women!!

One in three men claimed they used sex as a substitute for sports during lockdown. Women, on the other hand claimed that sex made them feel more alive.

One in four men and one in three women, said that they now watch more porn and 3/4 of singles are having more erotic fantasises than before.


Did you have more sex during the pandemic?  We’d love to hear your feedback on the “Sex Under Lockdown” survey, leave your comments below.


  1. Frank on April 22, 2021 at 1:37 am

    Single during lockdowns, of course I’ve had more sex, what else is there to do? Purchased a roto-teazer from your website and have had the best time. My record is 6 shots in a day….. much cheaper than a girlfriend too… lol

    • Off To The Bedroom on April 22, 2021 at 1:45 am

      Thanks for the comment Frank and we’re so pleased you love the Roto-Teazer. Incase you missed our follow-up email, would you mind leaving a product review? You can find the product link here and I’ll send you an exclusive offer to your email when you’re done 🙂

  2. דירה דיסרטית צפון on August 7, 2022 at 6:45 pm

    Itís nearly impossible to find knowledgeable people in this particular topic, but you sound like you know what youíre talking about! Thanks

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