Protect Your New Womanizer with Sex Toy Insurance

Protect Your New Womanizer with Sex Toy Insurance

We insure our car, our holiday, our life and now there is insurance for your sex toy!

In 2019, Womanizer collaborated with Hepster and launched the first ever sex toy insurance scheme and we think it’s genius!

The idea came after a colleague had her favourite Womanizer stolen whilst on holiday.  What started as an amusing story soon highlighted a problem that needed to be solved.  Let’s face it, losing an item like this, often sitting in the mid-high price range, can hurt more than just your pleasure.

The company started to think about the other emails they received about unfortunate incidents. Accidents like “chewed by the dog” and “thrown out of the window”. With none of these covered by standard warranty or home contents insurance, the idea for the first sex toy insurance was formed.

The initial scheme was launched in Germany and Womanizer (and us) hope it will roll out worldwide.

Buyers in Germany now have the option to insurance their Womanizer products against non-warranty items.  For a small fee of 20EURO per year the policy will work just like cell phone insurance.  It will provide cover for damage, theft, and even being chewed by the dog!  It will even include improper handling and operating cover so if you use the wrong lubricant or drop it and it breaks then you will be blessed with a replacement.

Would you insure your sex toy?  I’m sure that working in their claims department will be highly entertaining.

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