Top Tips for Choosing A Prostate Massager

Top Tips for Choosing A Prostate Massager

The pleasure of prostate play has been compared to the enjoyable sensations of g-spot play and if you have a penis, you have a prostate.  Finding that sweet, deep spot may be as difficult as finding the elusive g-spot but fear not.  Manufacturers have now created entire ranges of sex toys specifically to fit and stimulate this delightful pleasure spot.  But how do you know which one is best for you.?  Our top tips for choosing a prostate massager will guide you in the right direction.

Note: Although you can use any sex toy in any manner you choose, prostate massagers aren’t usually designed to be used like standard vibrators. Most prostate massagers are designed with a specific curved shape to get you just right.  As always, we encourage the use of 100% body safe materials on any insertable toys.

  1. Consider the size of the massager

The most important thing for a beginner to consider when choosing a prostate massager is the size.  While most designs are more focused around the shape, they do still vary in size.  As a beginner we suggest that you stick with something slim, around 1” or less.  If you’ve been exploring already and know that you’d like something larger then by all means go broader.  If you’re starting out with prostate play then it’s definitely better to have something slightly on the small side than one that’s too uncomfortable for you to use at all.

  1. Hands-free features

For anyone with a penis, a hands-free orgasm is the ultimate dream. There are so many prostate massagers now designed with this in mind.  Using a rocking motion, the inserted toy can do all the work for you, without your hands on assistance.  It may take some time, patience and practice to reach that goal. If you lack the patience then perhaps consider a remote control to add some vibrations to finish you off.

  1. How to handle it

Most prostate massager are designed with a similar curve shape to them.  One feature they can vary on however is the handle.  Some toys will have a circular handle or grip while others may have a flat base. This can affect your overall ease of use.  You need to consider your body and any physical limitations and decide how you think you’d be most comfortable holding your toy.

  1. Public use

Discreet anal play in public is mostly associated with butt plugs but it can be fun to take a prostate toy out too.  If this is something that you are planning then make sure you choose a toy with a discreet, comfortable base to sit on. You could even consider a remote control to pass to your partner if that’s your thing.  As always, please respect those around you when indulging in these situations.

  1. Vibrations

Not all prostate massagers are designed to vibrate and for good reason.  Some people simply do not find vibrations on the prostate pleasurable.  If you think it’s maybe something you would like to try, or if you would like the option, then you could consider a something with a removable bullet.  If you know the vibrations will rock your world then get a toy with built in vibrations because these are much more powerful.

  1. Perineal Stimulation

Stimulation of the perineum (or “taint”) often goes hand-in-hand with p-spot orgasm. A number of prostate toys have a small tab at the base to add sensation to the perineal area.  Some men do find this a little uncomfortable so we suggest you try gently pressing on the area during your next pleasure session. If you find that you do enjoy it then look for toys that will bring the action.

  1. Consider Dildos

Not usually top of the list when considering prostate massage, a correctly curved g-spot dildo can make a wonderful addition to your collection.  Not only can they be much easier for a partner to handle, they can sometimes be strapped into a harness for some couples fun.  If cash is a little tight, purchasing a non-porous dildo which can be boiled for sterilization will allow a single toy to be used for multiple purposes.

  1. Read the reviews

Before clicking the buy now button, make sure you read the product reviews. While you might think you’ve done your research it’s always helpful to read some unbiased, and sometimes very detailed, feedback. Reading reviews from beginners and advanced use will give you valuable insight into what was good or what didn’t work for them and why.

We hope you’ve found our Top Tips for Choosing A Prostate Massager helpful.  Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to make your purchase and pleasure that P-spot.

Remember to take your time, relax and enjoy the journey.


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