What Is A Penis Pump?

What Is A Penis Pump?

Penis Pump, Penis Enlargement Device, Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Erection Device, Vacuum Constrictive Device … the list of names goes on. We’ve all heard of them but do we actually know what they are and what they do?

In short (no pun intended!), a penis pump is a device used to temporarily enlarge or enhance the size of the penis.  It is often used as an aid in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

How Does It Work?

The penis pump consists of a tube or cylinder and a pump.  You insert the penis into the cylinder then create a vacuum by activating the pump.  Once the vacuum is created inside the tube, the pumping action pulls blood to the penis shaft causing it to swell and enlarge.

The pumps come with a constriction ring or band.  When the erect state is achieved the ring is placed at the base of the penis and helps to maintain the ‘erection’.

The constriction band can safely be worn for up to 20-30 minutes if required.

Types of Penis Pump

Air Pump

This is the classic type and the pump can be manual or battery/electric operated.  These use air to create the erection.

Water Pump

This device uses the same concept as the air pump but with the use of warm water around the penis.  Some consider this to be safer and more hygienic.


The Penis Pump uses medical concepts and has been extensively tested in clinics and labs for their efficiency and safety.  Doctors view the use of Vacuum Erection Devices as a safe, effectual, cost-effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

You should note however that the pumps have no medical evidence of a permanent effect on the size of your penis.  They are not designed for that and your penis will return to normal at the end of each use.  That’s not to say that the benefit will not be long-lasting in that it can help fulfil your sex-life objectives, giving you and your partner the satisfaction you are searching for.

Some common problems this can help with:

  1. Temporary cure of erectile dysfunction
  2. Temporary penis enlargement
  3. Delayed ejaculation
  4. Maintain longer and harder erection
  5. Pleasure toy

Side Effects

The erection obtained using a Penis Pump is not the same as a natural erection.  The penis can tend to be purplish in colour and sometimes feel cold or numb.

Often a black or blue mark or small area of bruising can appear on the shaft.  This is usually painless and will disappear in a few days.

You may also experience a decrease in force of the ejaculation.  This is because the constriction band traps the semen at the time of orgasm.  This is not dangerous and the semen will usually dribble out once the band is removed.  Generally, this does not interfere with pleasure of the orgasm.


The market is literally flooded with these type of devices now and many health insurance companies will subsidise the cost if you have a medically diagnosed requirement.

The key to choosing which one to buy is ultimately knowing how they work and what you want to achieve.

One tip is to choose one with a transparent cylinder. This will give you a view of how the device is working and the ability to spot any problems.

A recent study by Penis Pump Advice reviewed various pumps available and rated the Bathmate Hydromax X Series as number 1.  You can shop our full collection here.


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