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How to deal with different sex drives

How To Deal With Different Sex Drives

Some people want sex every day and some people want it once a month. So, what do you do when you’re in a relationship and your sex drives are miles apart? How to deal with different sex drives isn’t really that difficult. First of all, know that you are not alone. More often than you…
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Benefits of Masturbation

Benefits of Masturbation

For many, the idea of touching yourself carries baggage.  Some people are told that masturbation is harmful, shameful or wrong.  Science however says the opposite – there are a whole heap of benefits of masturbation.   We’re here to arm you with all the knowledge you need. History of Masturbation Masturbation is definitely nothing new.  Prehistoric…
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Beginners Guide to Blindfolding

Beginners Guide to Blindfolding

While blindfolding is a common, easy-to-enact fantasy, it can also cause anxiety for the partner being blindfolded. As with all things kinky, it’s not something you should rush into. Our Beginners Guide to Blindfolding will help you prepare and build trust so your blindfolding can become an intensely erotic and blissfully vulnerable experience. Talk First…
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Sexual Wellness products

Sexual Wellness Products by CalExotics

When most people think of sex toys the first thing that comes to mind is dildos, vibrators and handcuffs.  What few of them realise is that there is whole other side to the sex toy industry that focuses on sexual wellness and education products. Leading the way now are CalExotics – a leading manufacturer in…
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