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Beginners Guide to Spanking Black and white image of bare buttocks and fishnet stockings.

Beginners Guide to Spanking

Are you new to Spanking? Trying something new can feel thrilling and terrifying at the same time.  If you don’t know where to begin, our Beginners Guide to Spanking will fill you with safe and sexy spanking tips. Spanking can be extremely pleasurable for both parties involved.  When it is consensual and sensual it can…
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I'm doing this for me don't fake orgasm

Why You Should Never Fake An Orgasm

Have you ever faked an orgasm?  If the answer is Yes, then you are most definitely not alone.  A recent survey by LELO reported that over 50% of women have at some time faked an orgasm.  Not just women, but 25% of men admitted to it too. Over 50% of women have at some time…
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beginners guide to anal sex

Beginners Guide to Anal Sex

As a beginner, anal sex can be quite scary but our Beginners Guide to Anal Sex will leave you feeling relaxed and prepared and ready for fun. The anus has many nerve endings and muscles and their stimulation can be pleasurable for both men & women but there are a few simple things to consider…
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Glass Sex Toys

The Ultimate Guide to Glass Sex Toys

Glass sex toys/glass dildos have become increasingly popular in recent years as people continue to explore sexual pleasure and become more aware of the materials that some sex toys are actually made of. (You can read more about that here!) Glass sex toys however are a like work of art. They are elegant, luxurious, colourful…
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Glass sex toys

How to Use Glass Sex Toys

Even the simplest of sex acts deserve some hints and tips and using glass sex toys are no different.   Read on for some valuable information that will make sure you get the most pleasurable experience possible.   Safety First First of all, please remember that glass sex toys are very safe to use and are…
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Can men fake orgasm

Can Men Fake Orgasm?

Can Men Fake Orgasm? The question on many a woman’s lips (no pun intended!) – Can Men Fake Orgasm?  Well, according to surveys in recent years – “Hell, yes!”, would be the answer!  For a long, long time, it’s been thought that the subtle art of “faking it” was exclusively a woman’s domain but it…
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